CoCoDamia Nut Butter & Granola

CoCoDamia Nut Butter & Granola

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CoCoDamia Nut Butter: This a tree nut butter made purely from roasted Macadamia nuts. There are no additives and no preservatives whatsoever. It’s, therefore, an honest healthy product with a high nutritional value and great flavour. The branding includes a sketch of an African Ground Pangolin. This is a species of pangolin that is found in the Lowveld. Pangolins are regarded as the most persecuted animal species in the world. The problem is that this is not widely known internationally as species like Tigers and Rhinos generally make up the headline because they are much larger and more popular animals. Honey Granola This is granola which we have made from the healthiest ingredients we could find, including Macadamia nuts and Coconut chips. We also decided that we wanted to use honey instead of refined cane sure. Not only does honey make the granola taste amazing, but there are several added health benefits to eating less refined sugar. On top of this, we are once again supporting local industry. Due to the extensive Avocado, Litchi and Macadamia in the area, we have a growing beekeeping industry Cocoa Granola Similar to the Blond Granola we have used only the best ingredients available to us, whilst supporting local industries. With the addition of cocoa, our Cocoa Granola has a much deeper colour and introduces a more chocolatey flavour to the blend.


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