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McKruger Spirits is the brain child of two women with slightly alcoholic tendancies with a passion for all things distilled. The dynamic founding duo, Colleen McCloy and Stella Kruger, began their creative journey in 2015. They took taking their love for cooking and experimenting with different spices into their gin making, distilling small batches in their kitchen on an Alembic Still. McKruger launched their first gin Die Volstruis in 2018, it is refreshing and easy drinking, fruity from the Granny Smith Apple, warm and familiear with Vanilla and a hint of spice from the unique Wild Madagascar Pepper. Best served with freshly sliced cucumber and black milled pepper and tonic of your choice. Next up McKruger launched their brand new Radula Gin. This gin was born during lockdown, Radula in many native languages means “We Stay” and like many South Africans we all had to stay put. This gin is very complex yet very simple and smooth with 17 botanicals, having a hint of sweet orange.




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