Our Top Lockdown Finds Right Now

Lockdown has been one long stretch, but it has opened our eyes to the world of online shopping, meal kits, meal planners and amazing meat, chicken and produce direct from the farmers.

We have re-connected with brands like Montague who not only produce the most incredible variety of delicious nuts but also have a brand-new snack range which is packed with old school snacking favourite re-imagined as healthier alternatives.

One of the most exciting elements to come out of lockdown has been the rebirth of the classic freezer meals but with more beautiful packaging, exciting new cooking, and freezing methods, only the best ingredients and exciting recipes. We are loving the meals that are coming out of Dinner Box, My Food Fairy and Umatie’s kitchen.

We have also witnessed the birth of new trends including the meal kit phenomenon where businesses deliver all the products, ingredients, and recipes to create amazing restaurant quality meals in your home. We are loving the work of My Baking Box, The Food Co Online, Chef Doekie and both Jordan Bakery and Jardine’s offerings.

One of the things we have really needed during Lockdown is an abundance of snacks to keep us going and we have been loving the Green Machine Greenbox which is packed with interesting and exciting snacks and it is always a vibe popping open one of their boxes.

We have also loved how Lockdown has forced us to get into the kitchen and relook at the food we are eating. We have discovered restaurant quality meats and produce which when cooked feels like you are eating out. In terms of meats we are consistently blown away by the taste and quality of LA Farms Waygu and Angus Beef and their Vleis Merino Lamb, the incredible Fenshams Pasture Reared Chicken, and the best tuna we have ever tasted from Greenfish.

We have also rediscovered our love of coffee that does not come from a machine and our Aeropress has been a lifesaver. We have been loving Mastertons epic coffee blends and when we are feeling lazy the Our Society Coffee instant cappuccino sachets are just delicious. We’re also loving Bean There Coffee and their incredible ethos and quest for the best coffee in the country.

Finally, we have loved discovering the innovation that has come out of Lockdown. From Taste This’s useful and genius meal planner service which takes the stress out of dinner to The Eatery’s drive-in movies and Sir Fruit’s pivot to fresh foods store and we cannot wait to see what happens over the next few months.

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