South African Restaurants are in trouble

South African restaurants are in trouble

Our restaurants are struggling and they need our help! We’ve opened our platform to them this week! Join us on our instgram profile live chat every evening at 7pm.

Cape Town is SA’s number 1 restaurant city and our restaurants contribute a massive amount to our tourism sector and local economy.

Covid-19 and the constant Lockdown regulations have ripped a massive hole in this once thriving industry with even the most popular and busy restaurants struggling to make ends meet.

In solidarity and to highlight the absolute carnage that is going on we have opened our platform to restaurants, suppliers and alcohol brands to come and give us an inside look at the devastation that is happening everyday.

We hope these chats will serve as a wake-up call for both our national and local government and unearth some of the important challenges they’re facing and possible alternatives and solutions to the crisis.

So who’s on the line-up?

On Sunday we will be chatting to @belle_mcleod from @barstaurant

Click here to watch

On Monday we will be chatting to @chefswarehouse_chef_liamtomlin and Jacques from and @jordan_wines

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Tuesday we will be chatting to @mattmanningchef from @grubandvine

Click here to watch

On Wednesday we will be chatting to @cheynereaction

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On Thursday we will be chatting with Clint from @barstaurant

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And On Friday we will be chatting to @ScotKirton from @lacolombect

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Drop us a comment below with any questions or things you would like to know or ask.

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